Thursday, December 21, 2006

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas !!!

Hope Everyone has a wonderful Holiday.

Friday, December 08, 2006

More Drawings


Just a few drawings I've been doing over the past couple of months. Some are really quick 1-3min and maybe up to 10min. I'm learning and its very exciting to see the progress.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Back to The Drawing Board

Ok so I am once again on my drawing kick. I keep finding myself a bit frustrated in my painting because my drawing is not where I feel it needs to be. Drawing is hard, I know, but I am convinced that it is the most important thing. hmm, well, ok so values, edges, color, composition, the feeling of the painting are all so important too. Perhaps it is a stronger drawing that I feel my paintings would most benefit from, and thus back to the drawing board.

I guess you are your worst critic. Though I have many things I wish to improve on, it is time now to go back to the basics, DRAWING.

I will post a few drawings as I go along this process.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


I just wanted to thank everyone for coming out to the opening Friday night. Your support and encouragement means so much to me. I hope everyone had a wonderful time and I look forward to the next event and especially getting outside and painting again.

Happy painting

Friday, September 29, 2006

Friday Night

Another sneak peak .

Friday Nights opening reception is soon approaching.

Come on by and enjoy the night.

palette & chisel
1012 N Dearborn

see previous posts

Wednesday, September 20, 2006



Here is a little sneak peak into the show next month. This is a painting I did over the summer, titled "Blue Wrap". so come and see many more new paintings. Figure work, portraits and landscapes will be showing.

Hope to see you there. Friday October 6th, 5 - 9pm

See previous posts for details on show

Friday, September 15, 2006

Silent Art Auction Success

On August 25th, myself and a member of the Brookfield Landscape Society teamed up to showcase her newly landscaped garden and several of my paintings were available through a silent art auction.

The event went beautifully. The garden was decorated in simple elegance, live music provided by Liz Berg and guests had a chance to purchase original oils in the excitement of a silent auction. It was a successful night.

All who attended had a wonderful time and questions were made if this will be an annual event. We shall see. The event was also mentioned in The Landmark News, a local paper serving Brookfield and the surrounding areas.

Stay tuned for further events. See last post

Friday, August 18, 2006

Art opening October 6th

Mark your calendar.


Myself and two other wonderful artists will be exhibiting at the Palette & Chisel Academy of Fine Arts. 1012 N. Dearborn St.

Friday, August 11, 2006

OK I'm still here. Its been a while since I posted anything new because I was busy painting away in an intense five week workshop with Clayton J. Beck III. We just finished up the class this Friday. I'm always excited and glad to be able to work so intensely.

I've taken this class a few times and every time I find I learn so much and realize how much I enjoy being able to focus only on painting.

I wish I had the resources to do just that, paint. I guess my time will come.

There are all these ideas floating around in my head I can't wait to experiment with. I'll post new paintings soon.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Oil painters of America Regional Miniature show

Good News!!!

My painting entitled "Red Robe" was accepted into the Oil Painters of America's Eastern Regional Miniature show scheduled to run September 15th- October 13th At Brazier Fine Art Gallery In Richmond Virginia. I am honored to be accepted into a wonderful show.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Saturday's Painting

Here is a small painting I did last saturday with The Plein Air Painter's of Chicago. We went out to the Grove in Glenview. What a charming place. I know it has to be just beautiful in the fall and spring. This time of year I found it tuff to find a spot to paint because there was just so much green. So I will do few minor touches to my little piece but all in all I am happy with it.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Blank Canvas AHH

This morning I went into my studio planning on getting some good painting done, and what did I do, I stared at that blank canvas and just sat there. I even set up a pretty nice still life but was just uninspired. I blame it on the weather. I don't know about others but for me, when its so cloudy and grey outside I sometimes don't feel like doing anything. Perhaps I should have taken my plein air easel out and painting that cloudy day. I wanted to be productive so I began stretching a few of my paintings. I stretched the ones I knew were successful as well as a few blank canvases just so I would not have any excuses the next time I came into the studio.

I'm beginning to really see the need to be prepared. I don't like coming into the studio and finding I have a certain amount of time to work only to get nothing done because I was not prepared. When I say prepared I mean, do I have all my materials at hand, do I have my studio clean to work, do I need to buy fresh flowers or fruit to be inspired to paint? I found I get the most done when I have an idea of what I'm going to do. I get inspired when I know I will have three hours to paint and I just went to the store and bought a new tea cup or fresh flowers.

Yeh I'm getting excited to paint already.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Here is a still life I had done some time ago. I just thought I'd share with you all. I had fun with this. I like the white on white with a touch of color.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Romel dela Torre's Workshop

I just finished up a workshop with Romel dela Torre. It was a workshop on painting the model outdoors as well as learning to paint from photos.

The first weekend we painted from the model and took photos. The following day we worked from the sketches we had done the previous day as well as using our photos as a reference. Good stuff.

This weekend Romel did two outstanding demos and we all got to paint from life both days. On Saturday we were supposed to think abstract and use lots of paint. That was a tuff one for me. When I think I'm using a lot of paint I see later it was really nothing. Sunday everyone painted in the way they preferred. I tried to stay with abstract and capturing the light. Romel came over in the last 10 minutes, added those abstract shapes and color notes to make the painting sing. Ugh, how does he do that, I don't know but will work hard to find out and apply it.

I think however, that each new painting I do becomes more exciting as I place these new ideas and skills into practice.

Painting is such hard work but great fun.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Painting with My Brother

I visited my brother and his family over the holiday weekend. It was nice to have a break from painting for a little while. Not for too long though. On Saturday I painted in the morning and drove up to his house. After we all went to see a movie and relaxed a bit My brother took the pool out for the little kids to cool off. I was so itching to paint so I grabbed my paints and set up to paint the kids playing in the pool.

My brother saw my set up and hinted at wanting to paint. I told him I had an extra set up and to join me. He was a bit nervous because he had not painted in a long time. I encouraged him and we went to work.

It was so nice to be painting with him again. We used to take classes together at Marwen and worked at Gallery 37 together as well, way back when.

We only had a short while to paint. It began to rain after a while and with three kids running around we both only painted his little girl and as you know they don't stand still. My little nephew kept coming over to see what we were doing and asked if he could help, as well as offered some incredible encouragement "Dad you're doing a great job." and "Cio Cia (thats Polish for Aunt) Marci yours is very nice too."

It was a cherished moment.
I look forward to painting with him again

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Model Marathon

On Memorial Day The Palette & Chisel had its usual Drawing Marathon. 7:00 am to 7:00pm, no stopping, one model after another. I think the temperature reached over 90 and let me tell you, it was HOT. You didn't have to do anything and you were dripping with sweat. It was fun but exhausting. I felt like I was at one of those dance marathons like from that movie"They Shoot Horses Don't They" where you can't stop dancing or you're out of the competition and you lose (I know it was a depressing movie). I guess I lost because I quit at 4:15 and went in my air conditioned studio to finish up a painting. I'd have to pat myself on the back though because I was there at 7:00am pencils sharpened and ready to go.

I'll post a couple of drawings I did during the day, The ones I did before my brain overheated and I ran to the air conditioning.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Barns & Farms Exhibition

My Painting Entitled "Anya's Little Farm" was excepted into the Barns & Farms Show at the Barnsite Art Studio & Gallery in Kewaunee Wisconsin. The opening is on June 10th. Kewaunee is only 4 hours away from Chicago and 15 - 20 min from Door County. Feel like taking a weekend vacation up there stop by and visit the Gallery. I also have several other pieces up there as well.

Click on the link, go to Barns & Farms Exhibition 2006 and look for my name Marci Oleszkiewicz. Make it easy and look for the O's, the longest name there is mine.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Society of Master Impressionists

More good news. Two new paintings entitled "Figure on White" and "Natanya's Dress" were accepted into the Society of Master Impressionists Inaugural National Juried Exhibition. The show will be held at The Sunset Art Gallery in Amarillo, Texas. Opening night is on Friday June 2nd 7 - 10 pm and will run through July 1, 2006.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

HOPE Egg-Stravaganza, Northwestern Memorial Foundation

I will be participating in Northwestern Memorial Foundation's 4th annual Egg-Stravaganza. It a silent auction of unique ostrich eggs, hand painted by artists from around the country. HOPE supports the Women's Progam of the HIV Center at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where all proceeds will be donated.

The auction will take place on Thursday, May 11th
The Palette & Chisel Academy of Fine Arts
1012 N. Dearborn, Chicago, Illinois.

Cocktails & Silent Auction 6:00 pm - 8:00pm

For tickets and more information contact Northwestern Memorial Foundation at 312-926-7133

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Municipal Art League of Chicago Juried Show

This painting was awarded an Honorable Mention at the Reception on May 13th.

My painting entitled "Jessica" will be on exhibit at the Beverly Arts Center for the Municipal Art League of Chicago's Juried Show. This show will run from May 13th to June 10th, 2006. The openning reception is scheduled for May 13th, from 6 -9 pm at 2407 W. 111th St. in Chicago.
If you live in the area stop by, its also a great opportunity to visit the Vanderpool Museum. I've not been there yet but heard it was fantastic.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Oil Painter's of America's 15th National Juried Exhibition of Traditional Oils

Exciting news!!!!

One of my paintings entitled "Sarah's Thoughts" was accepted into the Oil Painter's of Amercia's 15th National Juried Exhibition of Traditional Oils, which will take place at the Dana Gallery in Missoula Montana from May 5th - June 24th. It is an honor to be accepted and I'm looking forward to it.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

A New Still Life

My most recent still life. Because this past month was mainly devoted to the business side of art, I was not painting as much as I normally do and let me tell you, its not easy getting back into it. You loose momentum and it just does not feel good. I know the business side needs to be worked on but I will try my hardest not to let more then a few days go by without painting.

I just bought this little tea cup a few days ago and I was really excited about painting it. I hadn't intended on painting a finished piece only because I felt the need to warm up a bit, but as I was painting things started to fall into place and I watched as the painting came alive. I think it reads well and I was happy with it.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

My WebSite

I'm so excited, My website is up and running and looks awesome. Your welcome to take a few minutes and check it out

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Plein air Painters of Chicago

The Plein air Painters of Chicago will be having their 2nd annual group exhibition this Friday night at the Palette & Chisel (1012 N. Dearborn) from 5:00 - 9:30pm.

Last years show was fantastic and this year proves to be the same with many more wonderful paintings of your favorite landmarks of Chicago as well as some new views of the more intimate neighborhoods in Chicago.

I will have three paintings in this show. Hope you can make it to this exciting event.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Here is a painting I did in early december. It started out with a little bit of line work but mostly coming in with masses. My goal was to get the color and temperature right. I really wanted to show the strength of the spot light. That was what really stood out to me on that particular day.

The color in the light may be a little washed out in the photo

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Drawing, Drawing and more Drawing!

I'm so excited about drawing. I used to be so intimidated by it, not that I am not continually humbled by drawings I see that are far more advanced then mine, but it used to really make me nervous. You know the feeling, whose watching me, will I make a fool of myself, just hoping your figure looks human, turning your page around on break so no one would see. Now I will admit I still turn the page around at times but its not so that others will not see my horribly failed attempt but rather to clear my head and just let that one go, ridding my thoughts of negative frustration so that I can move on and try again.

Another thing that brought all that anxiety when attempting to draw the figure was the fact that I simply was ignorant to what was going on up there. I know the same is true when drawing anything else, not limited to the figure, at least when drawing is applied to construction, perspective and such, not just contour work. So, thanks to the encouragement and instruction from a few friends and Instructor, a little push in the right direction and I am beginning to understand a little bit more. It has freed me from some of that anxiety and frustration. Believe me I am not there yet but I know things are beginning to make a lot more sense and its so exciting to make these discoveries and see progress.

The above photo is a few drawings done from life, they were no more then 2o min poses.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

New Sketch Book

Here are a couple of pages from my new sketch book. I've been doing a bit of quick drawings, not more then a couple of minutes each, while waiting on the el platform or sitting on the train going home. I'm having a lot of fun with this. You have to position yourself just right to have enough angles to draw from. Sometimes your out of luck all together because everybody's back is towards you and its no fun drawing a blob of winter coat. I plan to fill this sketch book with many drawings and hopefully be able to see my growth within its pages.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Why do I Paint? I came across an old sketch book of mine the other day. I started flipping through the pages, curious to see if I had in fact progressed in my drawing skills after a few years. There were a couple of drawings I was quite impressed with, considering how long ago they were done, and others, well lets just say they were "nice" if you know what I mean.

Amongst the sketches were a few notes to myself. Several quick little phrases and some lengthy entries of inner thoughts and reflection. Reading over these notes triggered something in me that I may have lost over some time. I paint because I have to, it is in me. Life is too beautiful to let it slip by without even noticing. I was given this gift, this sensitivity to life and its my job to take what was given and invest, cause it to grow.

At the time I had written one of my little entries, I was sitting on a bed of rocks on the shore of a little island off the coast of Maine. No one was on this island but a small group of students and the owner of the island. I began to take in the beauty of such a place, the awesome peacefulness, the tranquility of creation. As my eyes wondered around the panoramic view of ocean and sky, as the crisp, clean scent known only to this little island began to embrace my senses I started to write. My words expressed my awe in this creation and praise to The Creator of life. I was so thankful to be blessed to see this world in a unique way. It is an honor to me to be able to paint, to explore the world around me in its intricate detail and vast wonder. To God be the Glory.

The photo was taken from where I sat, writing and relfecting.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Contour drawings from Clayton Becks hand painting workshop last week. This was just one of the ways we focused on approaching the hands. More images to come.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Happy New Year

New years resolutions anyone?

Although I'm not one to make resolutions, this year I decided it would be a year to really developing my drawing skills. I know I will still paint but realized that my drawing skills are so important. As many instructors have said and I totally agree, You can have all the paint on your canvas, thin and thick strokes, lots of color and temperature, but if the drawing is off all the paint in the world can't save it. So here begins my journey of strengthening my drawing skills.

This drawing was done in paint. Learning to draw with a pencil is one thing, drawing with a paint brush it quite another.