Monday, June 05, 2006

Romel dela Torre's Workshop

I just finished up a workshop with Romel dela Torre. It was a workshop on painting the model outdoors as well as learning to paint from photos.

The first weekend we painted from the model and took photos. The following day we worked from the sketches we had done the previous day as well as using our photos as a reference. Good stuff.

This weekend Romel did two outstanding demos and we all got to paint from life both days. On Saturday we were supposed to think abstract and use lots of paint. That was a tuff one for me. When I think I'm using a lot of paint I see later it was really nothing. Sunday everyone painted in the way they preferred. I tried to stay with abstract and capturing the light. Romel came over in the last 10 minutes, added those abstract shapes and color notes to make the painting sing. Ugh, how does he do that, I don't know but will work hard to find out and apply it.

I think however, that each new painting I do becomes more exciting as I place these new ideas and skills into practice.

Painting is such hard work but great fun.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Marci.. sounds like a "stetching " experience. I hope to be painting w/you guys again soon. Am moving (finally) next week. It was good to read about painting with your brother.. I have booked a trip painting with my mother and her southern Conn. painter-buddies to Greece in November!!!- PVG