Thursday, March 02, 2006

Drawing, Drawing and more Drawing!

I'm so excited about drawing. I used to be so intimidated by it, not that I am not continually humbled by drawings I see that are far more advanced then mine, but it used to really make me nervous. You know the feeling, whose watching me, will I make a fool of myself, just hoping your figure looks human, turning your page around on break so no one would see. Now I will admit I still turn the page around at times but its not so that others will not see my horribly failed attempt but rather to clear my head and just let that one go, ridding my thoughts of negative frustration so that I can move on and try again.

Another thing that brought all that anxiety when attempting to draw the figure was the fact that I simply was ignorant to what was going on up there. I know the same is true when drawing anything else, not limited to the figure, at least when drawing is applied to construction, perspective and such, not just contour work. So, thanks to the encouragement and instruction from a few friends and Instructor, a little push in the right direction and I am beginning to understand a little bit more. It has freed me from some of that anxiety and frustration. Believe me I am not there yet but I know things are beginning to make a lot more sense and its so exciting to make these discoveries and see progress.

The above photo is a few drawings done from life, they were no more then 2o min poses.

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