Thursday, June 01, 2006

Painting with My Brother

I visited my brother and his family over the holiday weekend. It was nice to have a break from painting for a little while. Not for too long though. On Saturday I painted in the morning and drove up to his house. After we all went to see a movie and relaxed a bit My brother took the pool out for the little kids to cool off. I was so itching to paint so I grabbed my paints and set up to paint the kids playing in the pool.

My brother saw my set up and hinted at wanting to paint. I told him I had an extra set up and to join me. He was a bit nervous because he had not painted in a long time. I encouraged him and we went to work.

It was so nice to be painting with him again. We used to take classes together at Marwen and worked at Gallery 37 together as well, way back when.

We only had a short while to paint. It began to rain after a while and with three kids running around we both only painted his little girl and as you know they don't stand still. My little nephew kept coming over to see what we were doing and asked if he could help, as well as offered some incredible encouragement "Dad you're doing a great job." and "Cio Cia (thats Polish for Aunt) Marci yours is very nice too."

It was a cherished moment.
I look forward to painting with him again

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