Tuesday, November 13, 2012

American Impressionist Society Show

Red Ribbon

            Here is my painting from the AIS show this year.  I had a chance to drive out to the Eckert and Ross Fine Art Gallery in Indianapolis to see the opening last Thursday.  It was a wonderful collection of fantastic painting. I'm so glad to have made the drive to the opening night as I was lucky enough to meet the delightful couple who purchased my painting that night. Its always wonderful to hear the impact your painting has on someone else. It is what drives me to continue to paint what I love and what is near and dear to me. I believe that is what resonates with others, when you paint from your heart it will connect in some way with others. 


Sharron said...

Outstanding work! Congratulations on the sale. What size is this work?

Marci Oleszkiewicz said...

Thanks Sharron, the painting is 24x30.

Dave Barteau said...

Wonderful piece, as are all the little Polish children pieces you do. My wife is 3rd gen Polish. She was in dance class, shows, recitals from a young child on up. I patiently wait for your next work of this type of impressionistic scene.