Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Art & Fear: part 1

      I recently heard about this book while I was at the OPA conference in Coer DeAlane. The title intrigued me as I often find the issue of fear creeping in myself when I'm beginning a new work or suffering in what I call my artist funk. I've also found myself talking to my students about their fears while trying to learn. Fear is an issue for all of us as human beings but it is apparent that it impacts us as artists far to powerfully and consistently in our creative journey. Fear gets in our way, keeping us stagnant and often even pulling us down. It keeps us from pressing forward and taking risks, experimenting, trying new things.  Fear lies to us, seducing us to be content in where we are, that its too risky to take that next step forward, that nothing good can come from it and in fact, certain failure is imminent. Fear, my arch enemy will not get the best of me. By the strength that comes from above I will have victory.

So I decided to order this book "Art & Fear: Observations on the Perils ( and Rewards) of Artmaking" by David Bayles.  I have only read through the introduction, it is not a long book but I don't think it is one of those books you can just speed through and check it off your list. A slow read with lots of underlining seems necessary. I am curious as to what the author has to say about faith, the opposite of fear, playing an important roll in the creative journey, we shall see. 


Charlotte Evans said...

Thanks Marci for sharing--I think we always fear with each new painting---have I lost it--then i think the fear takes a form of Procrastination--in the middle- as the finishing is the make or break time to magic. Anyway thanks again Marci--i may have to order the book!

Marci Oleszkiewicz said...

Hi Charlotte, Yes I would get the book for sure. If nothing else, so far has reminded me that I am not the only one whose fears creep in from time to time. I find myself laughing at times reading it because it is so true. Let me know if you get it and what you think.

Charlotte Evans said...

I got the book Marci and I adore it--it is putting in words the feelings I have and i do get a kick out of my own crazyiness and that I am not alone--thanks for telling us about it! What a great book!