Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Plein Air Easton

WOW, the month of May has been fun. Many new adventures and exciting things happening. I'm looking forward to this summer with lots of painting, indoors and outdoors. In July, I'll be heading out to Maryland for the week long Plein Air Easton Competion. looking forward to this event.

Come witness the dynamic painting competition and festival that is "Plein Air - Easton!" Explore one of the most picturesque small art towns on the East Coast while interacting with some of the nation's top plein air painters.


Stan said...

I am quite facinated with your style. I live in Md and noticed you are painting in Easton in July. Get a headsup on the competition, watch the movie runaway bride. Cheesy flick, but photographed very well and shows the spirit of Easton.

oliviarrow said...

Hi! Marci, I reviewed your website in my current zine and want to give you a copy. Send me your address and I will mail it out. Hopefully it will get you some more fans!
Sounds like a lot of fun out in Easton! Have a great time.

marci said...

Hey Olivia

I could not email you. The messege was sent back to me. can you send me an email and I'll write back.