Sunday, May 06, 2007

American Impressionist Society Awards Night

I am thrilled to announce to you that my painting "Illusive Smile" received Best of Show, at this years AIS show held at The Hilligoss Gallery. The show will be up until May 25th, it is worth checking out to see the many amazing paintings in this show. The awards juror for this years show was C.W. Mundy.

"Illusive Smile"
Best of Show

I am truly honored to have recieved this award.


Cobalt Blue said...

Nice one, Marci! You go, grrrl.

ColorFreak said...

Hip hip hurray! and this is such a nice blog set up too. I will direct my younglings to look at this blogspot. (this is J Arduini)

oliviarrow said...

I am very impressed with your work. Congratulations on the award, the painting is very mysterious and intriguing. Say hi to your sisters for me, and I will be back for more blog viewing!

marci oleszkiewicz said...

thanks guys

Olivia so good to hear from you, hope your doing well. I'll tell my sisters you say hello.


Anonymous said...

This looks spookily like me, do you (by chance) know the name of the model?
Your art is beautiful, by the way!

Anonymous said...

This was done some time ago at the Palette and Chisel Academy, I don't remember the models name. Have you ever modeled there before? If so it could be you :)