Thursday, March 29, 2007

Painting In Arizona

A bit of a late post but thought I'd share with you anyway.
A few small paintings I did out in Arizona earlier in March.

these are three 5x7s I painted for my Grandparents out there.

In Arizona everyone seems to have an orange tree or grapefruit tree. How delightful to have fresh orange juice every morning.


Anonymous said...

Marci, sorry I missed you when you were here. The still lifes are lovely. Next trip, you'll have to paint some desert scenes. Just don't visit in the summer!

Judy M.

Marci Oleszkiewicz said...


Sorry I missed you too. yes next time I come out I will have to do some plein air painting. I hope to make it out in the fall sometime. I know that heat is too much for me. Perhaps I'll see you in Chicago this summer.


ColorFreak said...

these are very festive. I imagine they will brighten up your grandparents' house.

marci oleszkiewicz said...

thanks jan

I think they like them, I had fun painting with such intensity