Thursday, January 04, 2007

Daily Paintings

After reading a bit about other artists doing these small "A Painting A Day" paintings I thought I'd give it a try. I guess you can say it is a new New Years Resolution. This one may be a bit harder to keep but its worth a shot.

My goal then is to do a painting a day, allowing at least one hour and no more then three on each little painting/study. This will all depend on the amount of time I can give per day. I have decided to allow myself at least one day off a week in anticipation of illness, business and the like. ( It seems i may have already proven this an impossible endeavor as I have taken a few days off already, yet I will continue to try my best.)

So I began this little experiment on January 1st, you can see a few paintings I have done so far and I will post each painting in my connected blog You can also click the link to the right titled Daily Paintings. So don't forget to check out the site to see a new painting hopefully every day. Note also that these paintings will be available for purchase as well, and I hope to also have a show of them at the end of the year so stay tuned.

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